15 November 2011


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to become a member?

    • You can register as a normal member through online registration. Currently, online registration does not support payment process and therefor to become a shareholder, you will need to contact the secretary of KASMA by sending an email to sekretariat@kasma.my.
  2. What KASMA stands for?

    • KASMA stands for Koperasi Alumni SMSAH(M) Berhad.
  3. What is the minimum price of share?

    • The minimum price to hold a share in KASMA is RM50.00 and is considered as one unit. Therefore, every increment of share will be in RM50.00/unit. Once you have a an amount of 10 units of shares (RM500), you will be upgraded to Gold Membership Privilege and entitled to attend Annual General Meeting.

  1. Is there more than one type of membership?

    • Yes, membership are divided into 4 type. Bronze member, Silver Member, Gold shareholder, and Platinum. Each of the membership types are provided with different speciality and access level to the systems.
  2. How is the board of directors are choosen?

    • Platinum members (Board of directors) are chosen during the Annual General Meeting every year through election.
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